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DJ BTMAN, born Robin Deichmann, is an accomplished DJ who began his journey on the sun-soaked shores of Ibiza.

Growing up in Germany, he had always been fascinated by electronic music and was drawn to the vibrant club scene on the Mediterranean island. It was during a summer vacation in Ibiza that he met his true passion for DJing. 

DJ BTMAN has become a sought-after talent, performing at a variety of events, from intimate club nights to large-scale music festivals. His versatility as a DJ allows him to adapt to different atmospheres, effortlessly blending genres and creating an unforgettable experience for his audience.

Ludea Music

Ludea, an exceptionally talented violinist who has not only mastered her classical instrument but also seamlessly integrated it into the realm of electronic music. With her innovative approach and remarkable skills, Ludea has captivated audiences and collaborated with esteemed artists across various genres.

From an early age, Ludea showcased an extraordinary talent for the violin. She immersed herself in the world of classical music, diligently honing her technique and exploring the expressive possibilities of her instrument.

Her unwavering dedication and years of study at renowned music institutions nurtured her deep understanding of the violin's nuanced artistry.

However, Ludea's artistic journey took an intriguing turn when she became enthralled by the fusion of classical and electronic sounds. Inspired by her classical roots and driven by an insatiable curiosity, she embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between these seemingly disparate musical worlds.

Ludea MusicDon´t waste my young years
00:00 / 07:50
Ludea MusicUpside Down Makebo
00:00 / 08:02
Ludea MusicIbiza Sounds
00:00 / 06:57

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