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"Music is infectious, especially when it comes from inside"

Luana Dea Halasz , studied violinist, composer & producer - winner of several competitions - master classes and abroad - tours and much more.


Her repertoire is unsurpassable, from classical music of all epochs to film music, classical pop, Jazz, lounge, pop, Rock, house, dubstep to party / charts in all facets.


She is the creative director at Ludea Music.

Through her talent to improvise on all kinds of music genres, the uniqueness sell point is given. She loves to create and organize new show concepts. For example, with dancers, singers, fire jugglers or even with painters. In any case, it never gets boring when LUDEA is on stage.

She is based in Munich and Spain. For the next Summer Season 2023 you will found her in Ibiza, where she will be from Mai until October 2023 and play various Shows with great Dj´s and Dancers.

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